Are you unsure of what is bothering you about your child’s speech and language development? Are you confused by medical terms being thrown your way?  Your child may be a candidate for speech and language therapy.  If your child is already receiving professional help in other areas (OT, PT), it is important you let me know so that we can work together.

You can discuss the possibility for scheduling a one-hour consultation, where I meet you and your child and can help you gain clarity regarding the options you have and the needs that are present and whether a full speech and language assessment is necessary.  If a referral is made to another specialist, a referral letter will be provided and I will be available for follow-up on matters discussed.


Is there a pupil who exhibits difficulty with the language content of the curriculum? Is a child struggling in the classroom despite receiving extensive help? You may want to schedule a consultation where I can meet the child, his teacher, and parents and we can discuss how we can enable this child to see the success s/he deserves.